Our client care is equal to none

Residential Conveyancing

We have carried out residential conveyancing since the firm was established in 1992 and have achieved the CQS Quality mark (Conveyencing Quality Standard ) on Residential Conveyancing in 2014.

The work relating to residential and commercial Conveyancing in this department is carried out by Arunthathy Vigneswaran Solicitor and Senior Partner of the firm who has 38 years of experience in Residential Conveyancing and Mr Sithivinayagar Kanappathipillai  who joined the firm as a Practising Solicitor in 2014. In view of their past experience they will be able to guide you through the conveyancing process whether you are a first time buyer purchasing your first home or a client purchasing additional property. They also deal with Lease extensions

We would normally be able to complete a residential conveyancing provided there are no defects on your title within 7-8 weeks from the date instructions are received.

Commercial Conveyancing

If you wish to obtain a new lease or an assignment of the lease of commercial property being a retail shop, restaurant, hairdresser or any business unit in a office building our solicitors are also able to deal with it according to your instructions.

We will at the commencement of the transaction send you our client care letter detailing our fees with VAT and disbursements with our terms and conditions. You will return the letter signed confirming your instructions with the necessary ID and other documents requested in our letter. We will not commence any work until we have received your signed letter confirming your instructions. We will request monies on account on residential conveyancing of £500.00 on account with search fees and commercial conveyancing £600.00 on account with search fees.

There can be delays caused in your transaction if you purchasing a property and have not applied for a mortgage offer or have your finance readily available to fund your purchase of property .It is essential that you make arrangements to have this in place  to avoid any delays in exchanging and completing the matter .There can also be delays in receiving searches from the search provider as each search carried out will depend on where your property is located and how long the relevant authorities take to provide us the search. It is always advisable to commence your search once you are satisfied that we are to proceed with searches if you have a deadline to be met which is imposed by the seller of your property. We cannot be held responsible if any searches are undertaken and you do not wish to proceed with the purchase of your property. We will indicate to you the search fees for the property in our client care letter.

Commercial transactions would sometimes take longer to complete depending on references to be obtained and corresponding with the landlord’s solicitors to obtain consent to an assignment of lease. This can take up to 10-12 weeks. If there are delays we will keep you informed the reason for the delay.

If a matter should not proceed we will charge for any work carried out until the matter was aborted. This would be based on an hourly basis of £200.00 an hour plus VAT plus any disbursements incurred.

We normally charge between £20-£40 for nominal disbursements depending on the amount of work carried out. VAT is applicable where it is relevant at 20%.


Residential Conveyancing

Residential sale (Freehold)

£ 700.00

Per Monthplus VAT and disbursements

Residential (Leasehold)

£ 800.00

Per Monthplus VAT and disbursements

Acting for lender

£ 250.00

Per Monthplus VAT

Commercial Conveyancing

Dealing with the Lease or freehold

£ 900.00

Per Monthplus VAT

If there is a Licence to Assign required

£ 300.00

Per Monthplus VAT

If there is Rent Deposit Deed required

£ 300.00

Per Monthplus VAT

If you require a Licence to Alter

£ 250.00

Per Monthplus VAT

If the price exceeds £500,000 we will charge a further £100.00 plus VAT

VAT is normally charged at the rate which is presently 20%.

Disbursements will normally be your local searches (Please check  the “Land Charges fees” section of the website of the local authority in which the property is situated) and Land Registry fees. Our Bank charges are £30.00 per Transfer.

Re-mortgages and Transfer Equity

Our re-mortgage fees (provided  the advance is below £250,000) are

Freehold                     £450.00 plus VAT

Leasehold                   £ 550.00 plus VAT

If your mortgage exceeds £250,000 please add an additional £100.00 plus VAT.

Disbursements will normally be your local searches(Please check  the “Land Charges fees” section of the website of the local authority in which the property is situated) and Land Registry fees.  Our fees for bank charges are £30.00 per transfer

If there is another firm acting for the lender we are only acting for you an additional £150.00 plus VAT to deal with that firm .

Transfer of Equity

Our normal charges if we act for either party this will be  £550.00 Plus VAT plus disbursements

Disbursements are Office copies £3.00 each

Land registry fee (fees on website)

Auction Sale and Purchase

If we do act for a sale this can be included in the Special Conditions that the purchaser will bear your costs.

If we act for a purchase we will charge a fee of £350-400 plus VAT if would like us to look at the pack prior to auction. If you are successful at the auction our charges £650 plus VAT depending on the work involved. Our hourly rates are between £150.00  to £250.00 plus VAT and if you require a more precise quote we suggest that you submit the enquiry form attached.

Disbursements will depend on what documents have been provided to us in the legal pack by the sellers solicitors.

Lease Extensions

Our charges for a lease extension will depend on whether a premium has been agreed with the Landlord. We will only deal with the conveyancing process once a premium has been agreed.

Our charges for a Deed of Variation is £750 plus VAT plus disbursements. Disbursements will include any office copies (£3.00 each) and Land Registry fees (